Building the Broken


As a kid She was bullied
For reasons hard to recall
But enough to make her feel broken and small

She sob inside the blanket
For night and nights
Until One morning when she realized
Life is a never ending fight
She herself turned into a bandit
Always ready to fight
For her rights

As she grew
So she knew
Life isn’t full of glittering lights
It has both day and nights
Yes she realized
Every time she can’t fight
Those words unspoken
Left her broken

Collecting the broken pieces
She is building her own space
She tries, she fails, she cries
She may be far behind in the race
But she is enjoying her own pace.4FB4B58F-1DE7-42C8-BB40-28F28E591359.jpeg


  1. I am so with you on these words…
    The greatest game we as humans are forced to play is the game of life.
    The only way to win it is to get through it the best way we know how
    and be always open to new ways to maneuver.

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